Yoga Energy Institute

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Our mission is to train knowledgeable yoga teachers to teach yoga to all people in a safe, fun, and compassionate way.

Yoga Energy Institute 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainers (YTT) will provide the participants with an in-depth study of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and a working overview of Ayurveda. The YTT’s will study the Eight limbs of Yoga; Ethics (1.Yamas and 2.Niyamas), Postures (3.Asanas), Breathwork (4.Pranayama), Sense Withdrawal (5.Pratayhara), Concentration (6.Dharana), Meditation (7.Dhyana), and Spiritual Union (8.Samadhi).

The participants of the 200-hour YTT will have experience teaching different yoga techniques (Poses, Breathwork, Mudras, Mantras, and Guided Meditations) to each other. They will be taught ethics and philosophy of yoga as well as anatomy, physiology, energies, and methods of teaching others. They will experience how to sequence a fun and safe yoga practice for All people. They will become familiar with Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga).

The Yoga Teacher Trainers (YTT) of the advanced 300 hour curriculum will be taught more specific and in depth subject matter in the various yoga topics. The YTT will be exposed to experienced yoga teachers who are experts in their fields. The YTT will have more practicum hours to enhance their learning experience.

Yoga Teacher Trainers (YTT) will have required reading and homework assignments to enhance their understanding of yoga.