This 750 hour program includes 250 additional hours of the following elective courses.

This program is designed for the student who wishes to achieve a higher level of knowledge and professionalism as a massage therapist. By taking 250 hours more of elective classes from the Professional Massage Therapist curriculum, a student is awarded a diploma as a Master Massage Therapist.

Mindful that most of our students live very busy lives juggling commitments to relationships and jobs, our massage training is designed to allow students to progress at their own pace.  Our wide variety of elective classes allow students to choose the subjects of most interest to them.  
Typically our students finish the 500 hour course of study within six months to one year. 
The program combines both theory and practice to prepare students to confidently practice massage or assume a professional role in the field of therapeutic massage. Certified by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia.

The 500 Hour Massage Therapy Program Curriculum includes  required and elective courses.
Required Courses:

     • Therapeutic Massage 
     • Anatomy & Physiology 
     • Pathology 
     • Ethics
     • Student massage & hands-on practical

This program includes:
- Holistic Health (in class/online course)
- Nutrition & Wellness (in class/online course)
- Fitness & Wellness (online course)
- Herbs & Wellness (in class/online course)
- Aromatherapy (in class/online course)
- Experiencing Transformation (online)

Continue Education

School of Massage Therapy and Holistic Health

•    Skin Care Techniques
•    Spa Internship
•    Spa Management

•    Spa Techniques
•    Spirit Quest
•    Sports Massage
•    Stretching Techniques
•    Swedish Massage
•    Thai Massage 
•    Trigger Point Massage
•    Tui Na Massage 

Upcoming CE Courses

Ethics - Williamsburg Campus

March 27th 2017 (6:30pm-9:30pm) 2 weeks

Instructor: Deborah Maffie

Herbs & Wellness - Williamsburg Campus

Start: June 5th 2017 (5weeks, 6:30pm-9:30pm)

Instructor: Mary Lee

Upcoming CE Courses

Aromatherapy - Richmond Campus

March 7th 2017 (6:30pm-9pm), 5 weeks

Instructor: Margaret LaPierre 

Thai Massage - RichmondCampus

Start: March 16th 2017 (5weeks, 6:00pm-9:00pm)

Instructor: Tammy Sawyer


Williamsburg Campus: September 5th 2016

Richmond Campus: September 5th 2016

Norfolk Campus: coming soon

Professional Massage Therapy Program

500 hours

Elective Courses:
•    Advanced Massage Techniques 
•    Aromatherapy
•    Ayurvedic Massage 
•    Business and Marketing
•    Clinical Practice
•    Community Service with Massage Therapy 
•    Deep Tissue Massage 
•    Emotional Issues and Massage 
•    Energy Therapies 
•    Experiencing Transformation 
•    Feng Shui

•    Fitness and Wellness
•    Functional Assessment Skills

It is the objective of the various classes offered in massage therapy to give students a wide range of knowledge and skills applicable to massage therapy and preventative holistic health care.

Holistic Health Practitioner Program

120 hours

In addition to the core curriculum in massage therapy, American Spirit Institute will offer a variety of continuing education classes. Some of these will be available as travel of these will be available as travel programs or in a resort type setting through our Training in Paradise Program. Some of these will be available as travel programs in a resort type setting or at a retreat center.

Master Massage Therapy Program

750 hours

•    Herbs and Wellness
•    Infant Massage 
•    Instructor’s Training 
•    Lomi Lomi
•    Medical Massage
•    National Exam Review
•    Natural Health & Healing

•    Nutrition and Wellness
•    Pain and Injury Treatment 

•    Pet Massage
•    Prenatal Massage
•    Reflexology
•    Shiatsu