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Spiritual Studies

School of Spiritual Studies

The school of Spiritual Studies is led by Richard Sells, the schools founder, who has a Masters of Divinity, and is an ordained United Methodist Minister.

In keeping with American Spirit Institute's purpose of promoting holistic health and healing, we seek opportunities to encourage and nurture spiritual growth in the lives of our students as an integral part of a wholesome and balanced life. Our School of Spiritual Studies is designed to assist individuals in their journey. Although we are decidedly Christian in our core values, we accept and welcome persons of all religious beliefs, spiritual paths and those who espouse none.

We seek to provide a safe, loving environment which will serve as a
sanctuary for spiritual growth  and transformation. 
Specific classes are offered to both stimulate learning and experiential exploration in spirituality. Classes may be taken on an elective individual basis or in their entirety in our comprehensive program of 75 hours of study leading to a diploma in Spiritual Studies.

Classes currently include, but are not limited to

Spirit Quest
Experiencing Transformation
Spiritual Bodywork
Spirituality and Relationships
Celebrating the Spirit
Spiritual Creativity and Artistic Expression
Spirituality and Nature

American Spirit Institute
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